Thursday, March 25, 2010

Omnicomic: Top Cow at WonderCon

While we here on the East Coast (here in Boston specifically) are lucky to have three conventions in successive weekends (PAX East this weekend, Anime Boston next week and Boston Comic-Con in two weeks), the west coast seems to have a neverending parade of conventions. Take next weekend for instance, when WonderCon descends upon the Moscone Center South in San Francisco for three days (April 2-4). At the show will be some of the requisite publishers, including Top Cow, who has seen fit to make sure you know which both they'll be at and who they're bringing.

Top Cow is sharing a booth with Image Comics (Booth #407), and the following talent will be available: Michael Broussard, Nelson Blake II, Sheldon Mitchell and inker Rick Basaldua. Also at the show will be the expected limited edition exclusives, Top Cow comics and general debauchery and hoopla that come with a convention.

Full press release available here.

Source: Omnicomic

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