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Panels on Pages Reviews Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #1

Panels on Pages' Jason Kerouac takes the time to review the out now Broken Trinity: Pandoras Box #1:

But to be honest, I didn’t read the books in question, so when it came time for this week’s installment of 52 Pick-Up, Pandora’s Box #1 seemed a perfect choice.

I’m still far from an expert as to what’s going on in this world through which Levin, Hill, and Vitti are leading us. What I do know is that there are 13 artifacts - items of great power - throughout the Top Cow Universe. The Witchblade is one of them. Well, now we’ve been introduced to the Glacier and Ember stones, currently in the possession of the aforementioned Finn and Glori respectively. It’s kind of like Tron, by the way. Blue is good, red is bad. Remember that as the frost giant and the dragon are sure to mix it up later in this series, picking up where they left off in the first chapter of Broken Trinity. For now, however each has their own path to walk.

The characters’ have immediately distinct and believable voices, with Finn’s in-over-his-head Irish boy proving immediately relatable and enjoyable. Glori, on the other hand, is a bit overshadowed by Mr.-Stick-up-his-ass Wulfgar, the disappointed father figure who scolds her for her missteps and mistakes. Then again, I’m sure she’ll get plenty of chance to establish her own character in the issues to come, especially after the way things ended in this issue. Mind you, I’m not going to elaborate too much on that, you’ll have to just read for yourself.

To that end, Pandora’s Box #1 makes a fine jumping on point if you’re curious about the TCU, but if you really want to dig in, I’d suggest backing up and checking out the first chapter of the Broken Trinity saga. Either way, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time getting your footing, as the story exposits pretty much anything and everything you’ll need to know along the way.

Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box #1 gets a solid 4 out of 5 dudes named Wulfgar, because really, holy shit, they guy’s name is Wulfgar.

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Source: Panels on Pages

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