Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Philadelphia Daily News: You could get hooked on 'Demonic'

Like the other books in this year's Top Cow "Pilot Season," writer extraordinaire Robert Kirkman summed up an idea with a one-word title and and developed it from there with artist - and Top Cow founder - Marc Silvestri.

This month's word is "Demonic" and you can sum it up with another one - awesome!

"Demonic" is about a good man - simply revealed as Scott - blessed with great power; only readers soon learn it is truly a curse.

Seems the demon who gives him his powers is truly evil (demons are funny that way), so evil that he tells Scott he will set him free if he simply kills his wife and young daughter - preferably in horrible and painful ways.

Naturally, Scott keeps refusing. So he has to kill plenty of criminals to make up for the two "pure souls" he keeps denying the demon.

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Source: Philly.com

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