Monday, March 22, 2010

PLAYBACK:stl Reviews The Crazies #1-4

Released in late February, The Crazies film is a present day take on the old 1973 George A. Romero horror movie of the same name, a story where townsfolk are infected with a disease that causes them to violently kill one another. With this four-issue miniseries, Top Cow Studios offers up four unique, standalone stories that serve up a smart, concise narrative set within the movie’s world. The first three issues each focus solely on one character's descent into madness, while the fourth issue highlights the experiences of a zombie-killing vigilante threesome.

The first issue focuses on the degradation, loss and ultimate demise surrounding a poor pig farmer, Jon Buran and Chris DiBari’s artwork rounding out the quick tale with an elegant flourish whileauthor Ivan Brandon’s script moves the story along at a nice clip.

The last issue is my favorite of the four in regards to art: Rahsan Ekedal’s coloring and layouts are great, moving the story along so nicely you forget you’re just reading a comic. And while Joshua Hale Fialkov’s vigilante plotline is systematic (read: systematic, not cheap), Ekedal’s artistic choices pull the story together.

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