Friday, March 12, 2010

What The Con: CBR Reports ECCC 2010 Is A Lotta Comics & A Little Rock & Roll

Spring is in the air. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and - best of all - comic book convention season is getting underway! For me and many others who live in the northwest, the Emerald City ComiCon is the event that signals the return of creator signings, fans dressed as superheroes, and con exclusives. Taking place this Saturday and Sunday in Seattle, the ECCC promises to deliver on those three counts and more.

To assist those who plan on attending the con, CBR News contacted ECCC's founder Jim Demonakos to get the skinny on what folks should prepare for. From the very beginning of our talk, one thing became clear quickly - attendees should brace themselves to rub elbows with lots and lots of fans. Last year, the con topped ten thousand in attendance. This year, Demonakos stated that they're anticipating fifteen thousand fans to come, with 40% of those travelling in from out of state.

Those who frequent conventions across the country often have to look at a con's offerings to decide if it's more of a comic book convention, a science fiction fest, or a pop culture carnival. As far as Demonakos is concerned, however, the ECCC is all about the comics.

The fact that fans go to this convention seeking comics is a given, but considering the number of travelers coming in from places outside Washington, one can also assume they're on the lookout for something special. Well, in that department, ECCC's founder guarantees that folks won't be disappointed.

"We worked with Top Cow to create some great merchandise for the show, including both the official con shirt and a Witchblade print as well. We'll have cool prints from Udon Studios and 'Stumptown' co-creator Matthew Southworth. There's also an Owly shirt by Andy Runton, numerous exclusives from BOOM! Studios, our charity art book 'Monsters & Dames,' plus much more! You can see the whole list on our Exclusives page on the ECCC's website."

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Source: CBR

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