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CBR: Ron Marz Has Patience for Magdalena

In April, fans of Top Cow Productions will learn a thing of two about Patience. The cloak-wearing, spear-wielding heroine is resurfacing in the Top Cow Universe in a major way thanks to "Magdalena," the character's new ongoing series written by Ron Marz and illustrated by Nelson Blake II. As a concept that comes equipped with a considerable amount of rich mythology, Marz told CBR News that he couldn't be more excited about finally tackling an ongoing "Magdalena" series.

"The high concept is that every generation has a Magdalena and they're all descended from the family of Christ, in a relatively direct line from Christ and Mary Magdalene," Marz described of the premise. "Like 'Witchblade' and 'The Darkness,' it's a cyclical concept. Someone has that role down through the ages. The current Magdalena is a woman named Patience who was really thrust into the role when the previous one ended up dead. In her current story, she's broken away from the Catholic Church and is no longer at their beck and call. That's where we pick up with 'Magdalena' #1."

While the new "Magdalena" series isn't pushing the reset button on the character, Marz said that it's designed to welcome new readers that are completely unaware of the concepts history. "Any book that says number one on it should be accessible to anybody that hasn't read the character and isn't familiar with the universe," he stated. "To me, a big part of a comic book writer's job is to find ways to smoothly convey information to the readers. A lot of times in comics, it becomes this horribly didactic passage of two or three pages where you want to pull your eyes out of your head because it's very obvious that the story has stopped and now it's time for an information download. I try like hell that when we have to do that, it's threaded through the story in such a way that it doesn't seem obvious and it doesn't stop the story from moving forward. In 'Magdalena' #1, which we actually have extra pages for in order to get in everything that we wanted to, we'll encapsulate the concept and history of the Magdalena and introduce all of the pertinent players - most especially Patience, obviously - and we'll take off on the first storyline, which will take up the first six issues of the series."

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Source: CBR

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