Thursday, April 08, 2010

Pendragon's Post Reviews Impaler #5

It takes a lot for me to read a vampire story these days. With the media being plagued with vampire stories, I tend to shy away from them, just because I am tired of fangs and pale skin showing up everywhere. That's not to say I don't like vampires; I just don't like sub-par storytelling, especially when it comes to vampires. When I read the synopsis of Top Cow's Impaler, I decided to put my prejudices aside and give this vampire story a try. I am glad I did. William Harms and Matt Timson have created a story that is a solid vampire story, but also tells the story of humanity in crisis.

Harms' writing is beautifully complemented by Matt Timson's art. Timson's style visually depicts the bleakness the survivors face, where landscapes and interiors in neutral tans and grays give way to pools and spatters of blood. My favorite scenes were the wide angle shots, especially of the New Mexico desert.

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Source: Pendragon's Post

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