Friday, April 30, 2010

Techland's Panel of the Week: Magdalena

It was a week for the throwback. Rereleased books, classic writers, and relaunched franchises were the order of the Wednesday. Today we examine forbidden love, father-son day, destined spears, and vampires of the new world, all here on Panel of the Week.

Magdalena #1
I was pleasantly surprised by this relaunch of Magdalena. I was expecting more of the usual hot nun with katanas fighting demons, and to be fair there was a bit of that, but there was also some decent history of the character and the introduction of an interesting new villain. This is still a Top Cow comic so we got no less than three huge splash pages of Patience in different saucy outfits. This is the most relevant. If a word like relevant can ever be used in the context of Magdalena.

Source: Techland

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