Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Newsarama: ARITFACTS Prologue 1: Witchblade, Angelus, Darkness

The World Doesn’t End in 2012. It Ends in 2011:
Countdown to Artifacts

Newsarama Note: This is the official prologue to the upcoming series Artifacts. The team at Top Cow Productions brings us an exclusive inside look at each of the mystical Artifacts, as Sara Pezzini, Danielle Baptiste, and Jackie Estacado give their unique perspectives on the sources of power. Come back each week for more information on the other Artifacts. We begin with the Trinity looking at their own sources of power, and the exclusive first two pages of Artifacts #1.

Separately, 13 Artifacts guide the fate of the universe. Together, 13 Artifacts will end the universe.
This summer, Top Cow Productions, Inc. kicks off the 13-issue world shattering event series with Artifacts #1. The first chapter, presented by writer Ron Marz and artist Michael Broussard, marks the beginning of the path that will forever alter the course of the Top Cow Universe.

Meet New York Police Detective Sara Pezzini, former mob enforcer Jackie Estacado, and aspiring dancer Danielle Baptiste. Respectively, each bear one of the central Artifacts that comprise the Trinity among the 13 Artifacts: the Witchblade, the Darkness, and the Angelus. Each force vies for power over the other, regardless of the ambitions of each host.

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