Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Newsarama: ARTIFACTS: Prologue 3: ANGELUS

There are 10 weeks remaining until Artifacts begins.

Jackie: Every time the Curator pulls his scroll of the Thirteen from behind the counter of his shop of curios... well, I’d rather I was at a 7-Eleven and the clerk was pulling a .45 on my ass.

Sara: The Witchblade and I got along just fine before the Curator shoved his way into my life. Sure, I have a deeper understanding of what this thing on my wrist is thanks to him but the detective in me refuses to shake the feeling that more harm has been thrown my way as a result of his vague proclamations and shenanigans.

Dani: I think I know what you both mean, sort of. It’s strange to me how much the Curator has me convinced that each Artifact chooses its bearer. Like we have no say in the matter.

Jackie: Well Missy, what excuse have you got for being chosen by the Angelus? Forgive me if I can’t quite understand how a failed dancer from New Orleans can keep one of the primitive forces of the universe on the b***h end of a gilded poodle leash.

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