Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newsarama: Broussard Provides the Art of ARTIFACTS for Top Cow

For a company that was founded by one of the industry’s premiere artists Marc Silvestri, the quality of the artwork for any series with the publisher’s name attached is a key thing. And when the series is the pinnacle for years of background storytelling and the publisher’s key event for the year, that makes the choice of the right artist for Top Cow’s upcoming miniseries Artifacts even more imperative.

Earlier this month we spoke with the series’ writer Ron Marz, and now we turn to Michael Broussard, who will be illustrating the first four issues of Artifacts. Broussard is one of several artists who have made their name working at Top Cow; Broussard joined the company by way of winning their 2006 Talent Search and has most recently been the series artist for The Darkness. And now as he turns his attention to Artifacts, he’s getting the chance to draw virtually all of the publishers’ characters, and being the key artist for the company’s biggest book ever. For more, we talked with Broussard by phone about this project which debuts in late June.

Read the full interview here.
Source: newsarama.com

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