Monday, May 17, 2010

Nfamous Gamers Reviews Impaler #5

This is my first exposure to Impaler, and oh my stars and garters, is this a great story. Where the fuck was I when this first came out? Vampire armies decimating the US… army soldiers trying to survive while wondering who they can count on… a family on the run trying to get away from the invading undead… and two unlikely heroes maybe on a fools run trying to stop it all. Wow, this is the best vampire story out there. Forget Twilight and that pansy crap; Impaler is an awesome representation of the traditional vampire mythos… of course spun around just a bit, but still keep with the horror and destruction a creature of that kind could inflict. The story is spot on; William Harms is a freaking master working on a piece of art. It is definitely deserving of being a finalist of the International Horror Guild Award. And the art work…

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