Thursday, May 06, 2010

Top Cow is Collector's Paradise's Local Publisher of the Month for the Month of May

Top Cow Productions is Collector's Paradise's May Local Publisher of the Month! We work with a lot of publishers, and are friends with all of them, but none offer the support in both product and talent like Top Cow. Our customers have gotten to meet at our Release events people like Milo Ventimiglia, Jeremy Haun, Joe Benitez, Nelson Blake, Sal Regla, and this past weekend, Rick Loverd, Michael Broussard and the Top Cow founder himself, the tallest person in comics, Marc Silvestri. Top Cow is gearing up for a company-altering event, ARTIFACTS, which will re-focus the company’s titles and create a very convincing and entertaining mythology that will make fans want to pick up all the Top Cow titles. A 12 issue mini-series that will redefine the way you see Top Cow’s characters and create a cohesive reason for them to co-exist together as part of a shared universe. If you are an X-men fan, this is an event for you. If you like high concept fantasy and sci-fi, this is an event for you. Give ARTIFACTS a shot with the free FCBD ARTIFACTS primer, ask us for a copy, we have plenty in stock.

Source: Collector's Paradise

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