Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Battlemouth: I'm in Love with a Girl Called Velocity (Review)

This week Ron Marz and the wonderful folks at Top Cow are bringing back Cyberforce team member, and Pilot Season-winning character, Velocity. Back in 1992, or the “Hootie Age” as I like to call it, Mark and Eric Silvestri created the Cyberforce for Image Comics. Just a year later, Top Cow and MySpace announced the idea for Pilot Season, during which established comic book writers and artists would create a Pilot using pre-existing comic book characters. When the voting concluded and the dust had settled, two characters, both from the Cyberforce series, had emerged the victors. Velocity was always one of the main characters from the series, as the eyes for the reader and sometimes the narrator, so it came as little surprise that she, as well as Cyblade, had come out on top. Now finally, two years after the announcement about the winners, Velocity is getting her book. Velocity is a witty, amusing character that is sure to entertain all variety of comic book fans, regardless of your previous level of familiarity with Cyberforce. The art by Rocafort is brightly coloured and artistically fresh. He brings a nice mix of traditional art with a highly stylized flare that is sure to draw the eye of fans of both styles.

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