Monday, June 07, 2010

Broken Frontier: Inside Look at Darkchylde/Darkness #1

Ariel Chylde has made her return to comics. The star of one of the most raved about books during the mid-Nineties 'bad girl' craze, Ms. Chylde has now moved to the same barn as Jackie 'The Darkness' Estacado: the Top Cow farm. Her story resumed in Darkchylde/The Darkness #1, a book that immediately generated buzz as if 13 years hadn't passed. So, BF invited creator Randy Queen over to discuss Ariel's return from the inside out.

Contributed by Randy Queen:

One of the things I try to do when writing is find a relatability with the subject matter and the audience. Why should we care about these people? How are our emotional touchstones the same? The cresendo of this particular story for me is not the climactic battle at the end, but when Jackie frees Ariel towards the middle. One of my favorite lines is when Miss Happy (a little splinter of Ariel's mind) tells Jackie "Absense doesn't always equate to apathy". There's no hidden meaning to that line. Just because a family member or someone you love isn't around, it doesn't mean they don't want to be, it doesn't mean they aren't thinking about you or missing you, or perhaps wishing they could be there or that things had gone differently. This line can be applied to many situations in one's life. Just becasue something isn't right in front of you, doesn't mean someone somewhere isn't wishing it were so. Absence doesn't always equate to apathy.

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