Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CBR: The Blood Sword Cleaves The Road to "Artifacts"

As the bearers of the Ember Stone and the Glacier Stone respectively, Glorianna "Glori" Silver and Michael "Finn" Finnegan are pretty evenly matched - but when the Blood Sword is thrown into the mix, Finn suddenly has an unexpected and literal edge on his competition.

As if one Artifact wasn't enough, the Glacier Stone-wielding Finn is also in possession of the Blood Sword, one of thirteen deadly Artifacts within the Top Cow Universe alongside the likes of the Witchblade, the Darkness, the Angelus, the Rapture, the Spear of Destiny and, of course, Glori's own Ember Stone. But is it an Artifact that Finn will always remain in possession of, or is the sword destined for another owner? We'll find out in the pages of "Artifacts," the upcoming 13-issue series written by Ron Marz and illustrated by a team of artists including Michael Broussard. CBR News spoke with Marz and Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik to learn more about the Blood Sword, its history and its future.

Marz offered some history on the Blood Sword, which first appeared in "Witchblade" #86.

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