Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CBR: Marz Runs at Full "Velocity"

Ever since "Velocity" won Top Cow's initial "Pilot Season" competition, fans have eagerly anticipated the Cyberforce speedster's return to the spotlight. That time has finally come in the form of Ron Marz and Kenneth Rocafort's forthcoming "Velocity" miniseries, with the first issue debuting on June 30 - and even though readers will get to enjoy Velocity's company for four issues, the hero herself only has one hour to save the day.

"The majority of the series takes place over an hour, and each page is roughly a minute," Marz told CBR of the premise behind the "Velocity" miniseries. "Some of the first issue sets the gears into motion, and once that happens, at the end of the first issue, we start a countdown - literally a ticking clock on every page from there on out. The set up is that there's a threat that will kill not only her, but the entirety of Cyberforce when an hour elapses. Her mission is to save her teammates and herself and it's relatively impossible for her to do that in an hour, so that's what drives through the rest of the story."

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Source: CBR

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