Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comic Related Reviews Magdalena #2

When the original Magdalena mini-series came out several years ago, it was one of my favorite concepts in comics. A holy warrior going out and beating evil in the face is such an appealing concept for me, and it's very rare to find these days someone who works for the church being portrayed positively. Subsequent issues and mini-series went by, the whole story of a descendant of Mary Magdalene and Jesus entered into the concept, but they really didn't capture the awe I had of that first arc, and the first appearances in The Darkness. I know that whole Davinci Code concept I mentioned was eluded to even in those books, but it wasn't in the forefront as much.
I was quite happy to find a couple of months ago that Magdalena was going to be helmed by one of my favorite writers, Ron Marz. Marz has been very busy in the Top Cow universe with nearly the entire line being written by him. So it seemed like a good fit.

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