Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ideology of Madness: Collecting Artifacts: The Angelus

Just as Darkness bearers are male, Angelus bearers are female, but unlike the Darkness, the female bearers of the Angelus don’t maintain control over themselves. The Angelus takes control over them entirely, using them in her quest to rid the world of the Darkness. When Jackie Estacado became the Darkness, the Angelus tried to take advantage of the moment of weakness during the transformation to eliminate the Darkness once and for all. When Sara is possessed by the dark half of the Witchblade (during War of the Witchblades), she assaults and mortally wounds fellow Witchblade bearer Dani Baptiste (check my Witchblade entry for more on that). The Angelus takes hold of Dani Baptiste and tries something it’s never tried before – Dani is the bearer of the Angelus, but still maintains free will, much like Jackie Estacado and the Darkness.

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