Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Impulse Gamer Reviews Velocity #1

Carin finds herself the target of a mad scientist, the only kind who seems to appear in comics, who is somewhat fixated on her and his fixation means bad news for not only Carin but the Cyberforce as well. The narrative takes an interesting approach with the story back tracking and also showing what is going to happen in the future, but these elements are integrated into the story well so they aren’t confusing.

What really helps to make Velocity an enjoyable read is the narration from Taylor. She sounds like a normal young person in the way she talks. It’s a very casual, matter of fact tone like, for instance, the opening pages where she states “I run fast. Actually, I do pretty much everything fast. Dismantle killer cyborgs fast…run fast…jump fast…dodge energy blasts fast. Fast.” She sounds very much like “Yeah I’m a hero now, deal with it because I have” and that’s very much how Carin Taylor is portrayed. The mad scientist is typically mad and his fixation on Carin is almost disturbing, perfect for a villain.

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