Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Intelligent Monster Reads All Things Phil Hester

Phil's writing a ton of stuff these days, and while as a writer has really found his "voice" and his work all has that "Phil Hester feeling" (to paraphrase Barton Fink) the wide range of stuff guarantees there is something for just about everybody.

Phil's been writing The Darkness for Top Cow for a couple of years now and its been a great mix of action,crime, and horror. When they relaunched The Darkness Top Cow made the smart choice to just let Phil run with it and do something new and fresh with the book, striking a balance between giving the hardcore Darkness fans what they want but with a fresh perspective that appeals to readers who might have never been into the Top Cow universe stuff before. The first trade of Phil's run collects the inital 6 issue arc that establishes the new status quo, and with a price of only $4.99 is the perfect place to start.

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