Thursday, July 08, 2010

Alert Nerd Reviews Velocity #1

Speed is inherent in Ron Marz’s mandate here, as the book gracefully caroms from action scene to action scene, slowing down to offer up exposition, but never stopping. Carin Taylor’s origin, powers and teammates are all explained without the book grinding to a halt. The reader also sees Carin’s personality in action – youthful, heroic, in love with her powers but a little maudlin about their cost. There are also killer robots and a race-against-the-clock plot that set a tone of kinetic superhero action.

Also shouldering the credit for Velocity’s success is Kenneth Rocafort. Rocafort – who’s probably best known for his work on Paul Dini’s Madame Mirage – uses every tool at his disposal to keep the book moving along quickly and his trademark sketchy style is perfectly suited to a title character that moves at Mach 3. He draws Carin like a runner with a runner’s body, makes her costume feel like the superheroine version of a roller derby uniform and (without aping it) reminds me of Karl Kerschl’s work on The Flash, which epitomizes fast, loose, kinetic storytelling for me.

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