Thursday, August 19, 2010

Image Addiction Interviews Phil Smith on Witchblade: Due Process. Out Now!

On August 18, comic readers will be able to check out Phil Smith and Alina Urusov’s Witchblade one-shot about a man who is wrongfully imprisoned and how the system turn its back on him, but something else stepped in to look out for him – something very sinister. To get you introduced to this one-shot, Phil Smith joined Image Addiction to talk about the story, his motivations behind it, and the process in which the issue took to be made.

Image Addiction: Before we get in to the book, could you let our readers know a little about you? How did you start working for Top Cow?

Phil Smith
: I had just gotten out of the Navy and was repairing and installing avionics at the Van Nuys airport and bartending at night. I got into comics by self publishing a 3 issue series with JK Woodward that never made it to market. Fiona Avery showed it to Renae Geerlings and that is how I got my internship 9 years ago. I can’t ever thank Fiona, Renae and Matt Hawkins enough for letting me stay.

Read the full interview here.
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