Monday, August 09, 2010

Multiversity Comics Reviews Artifacts #1

Today, Top Cow starts their latest event Artifacts, which seeks to unite all of the Top Cow Universe in a cohesive community much like Marvel or DC, have done. Written by Ron Marz and penciled by Michael Broussard, it certainly has the pedigree to be epic. But does it?

In a word; yes, it does. It’s shaping up to be a great jumping on point to the Top Cow universe, especially because Ron Marz’s specialty is boiling a story down to its most essential and letting you know exactly what you NEED To know, as opposed with making it too murky with continuity for new or perspective fans. Geoff Johns is another who is excellent at doing this, but Ron Marz doesn’t get nearly enough credit for doing the same. Every book of his I’ve read for the Top Cow brand is easily penetrable, with all back-story taken care of at the beginning of the story. Even before Top Cow he had the same talent. I recently read Emerald Twilight and it had the same inviting narrative.

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