Monday, September 10, 2007

Ripclaw Pilot Season #1 reviewed

Former Top Cow blogger and DC Comics writer Mandy McMurray
was kind enough to share her thoughts on our first Pilot Season offering
Ripclaw Pilot Season starts off just as his name would imply…Rippin'
his way through the Tokyo underworld as Eisner-nominated writer, Jason
Aaron (Scalped, The Other Side), brings this Top Cow bad-ass to the
new Pilot Season. The issue reads like your favorite shred-em-up video
game, with fast paced action and great art by Jorge Lucas (Iron Man,
Incredible Hulk).

Returning to his Native American spiritual roots, Ripclaw is besieged
by a spirit bent on revenge against his enemies, thrusting him into a
war with a Yakuza boss. As he wades through hoards of enforcers in
order to exact revenge for the spirit that plagues him, there is no
doubt in the readers mind that Ripclaw has what it takes for kick-ass

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