Thursday, June 12, 2008

CBR Reflections: Top Cow Publisher Filip Sablik

Between a major summer crossover, the reinvention of a classic Top Cow character, a second Pilot Season (by which readers are able to vote for several one-shots they would like to see go to ongoing series), the “Freshmen Summer Special” and more, Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik is one busy guy. Indeed, there is so much going on at Top Cow that he wants to talk about that it cannot be contained in a single REFLECTIONS interview.

This week, Sablik talks about “Witchblade,” Top Cow’s summer crossover “Broken Trinity,” and his dream team of writer Ron Marz and painter Stjepan Sejic, who make up the creative force on both projects. It was recently announced that both would remain the on “Witchblade” through issue #150 (they are on #118 now), and would be producing it monthly. That means the year 2010 for those not counting at home...

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