Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stjepan Sejic talks about his upcoming project, RAVINE

Stjepan Sejic crossed a ravine of his own when he journeyed from a young hopeful in Croatia to one of comic's biggest artistic talents. Now he plans on bringing another Ravine to the fans and hopes they'll take the journey with him.

As Sejic's first creator-owned work, Ravine serves as a very personal project for Sejic. As such, the star creator jumped at the chance to give readers a look inside the sprawling saga and a sneak peak at enough PREVIEW ART to fill a canyon of its own in this EXCLUSIVE FIRST INTERVIEW!

What can you tell us about your series Ravine?
SEJIC: Basically, it's an epic fantasy with a rather strong romantic under-story. It's extremely character driven. When I announced it, I said it was about a father who lost his family and he's doing whatever he can to bring them back, but there's this group of heroes that are on a quest to stop him because he's willing to start a war of epic proportions to bring his family back. The whole thing, when it's finished, is going to be like a thousand fully painted pages. It's not really so much a comic book as it is a fantasy story. Initially, it was going to be a book, but I think it's faster for me to draw a legion of dragons than describe them one by one.

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