Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The battle between evil and, well … more evil continues in The Darkness, Issue #6. It’s just taken on a new form.

Spoiler alert: There is some peripheral information about the identity of Jackie Estrada’s new foe … so if you think you’d rather read the issue first, take off now. READ MORE.
As with many new series, or relaunches in this case, I generally give the creative team one arc to get me hooked into staying with the title. When Phil Hester and Michael Broussard were announced as the creative team behind Top Cow’s Darkness restart, I had a feeling I might be staying for more than six issues. After reading through this final chapter of “Empire,” that feeling was more than confirmed.
In the last issue, Jackie Estacado was left literally broken (in half) after struggling to regain his power, and his Darkness-created lover Elle gave birth to their son: a being of pure Darkness.

But apparently I missed something, because Jackie’s all badass and feeling well. Yeah, I know it was pretty clear that he would find his way back into the heart of the Darkness again, but they could have shown some link between him being disemboweled and then strutting around the jungle popping heads. Hrm. READ MORE.

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