Monday, October 27, 2008

The Comic Addiction reviews CYBLADE #1

For those of you keeping score at home, pack in 2007 Top Cow started a contest of sorts called Pilot Season. The premise was to take characters that were part of the Top Cow canon and have new creative teams come in and create what is considered a pilot issue for a potential new series about the character. Fans would then be allowed to vote and the winning two pilot issues would become a new series. Cyblade and Velocity were the winners and thus this is the first issue of the new Cyblade series that spins directly out of that one-shot as would the second episode of any new television series. Having been a long time Top Cow fan, I was very curious to see if this experiment would actually work. So far it has, but what about these new titles for Top Cow? Would they work for the fans that voted for them?
As I said before, this first issues spins directly out of the pilot issue for this new series. Dominique, aka Cyblade, has had the Brain Box that was implanted in her by Cyberdata destroyed and now we see what happens after that. There is a lot of good and bad in this issue for me as a reader. READ MORE.

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