Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christian Manifesto reviews THE DARKNESS #8

I’m not going to attempt to lie here. The first several pages of “Crooked” confused me so much that I had to read them twice. On the second go-round I realized how simple it was and how much of an idiot I must have been to have missed what was going on. As it goes, in Darkness #8 Phil Hester and Jorge Garcia continue the work they began together in issue #7. But, where issue #7 was apparently a standalone story, issue #8 begins a whole new story arc for our conflicted protagonist Jackie Estacado.

As the story opens we find Jackie in disguise, meeting with a man by the name of Dick Garber. I was a little disoriented by the text boxes, attempting to figure out who is “talking.” Then it became clear that someone is watching Jackie’s every move.

Soon, we find Jackie meeting up with some thugs for a weapons deal. Apparently, he’s gone back to his old ways of underhanded crime. Making things even more interesting, Jackie double crosses the people for no good reason before being lit up like the 4th of July. Here is where we see a glimpse of Jackie’s Darkness powers still being active.

A fight ensues between Jackie and Aphrodite IV, an android assassin who has been tailing him throughout the issue for unknown reasons. He gives her a run for her money, but she pretty much wipes the floor with poor Jackie. It’s kind of pathetic really. READ MORE.

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