Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christian Manifesto reviews WITCHBLADE #122

Ron Marz and Stjepan Sejic are the best two things to ever happen to the Witchblade series. Marz’s taut writing that draws in the reader coupled with Sejic’s absolutely beautiful digital art is the perfect match.

Working to solve the mysterious murder of a local rabbi while being tailed by a bothersome reporter, Pezzini isn’t so sure that everything is as it seems. First, the brutal nature of the murder just doesn’t seem to make sense. To make matters worse, she finds some Jewish youth crafting a Golem out of mud in hopes of protecting themselves from the violence, which they blame on the local black population.*

The scene shifts to Dani consoling one of the girls from her dance studio, which leads to one of the most unexpected instances I’ve encountered in a while in the series. While it wasn’t necessarily agreeable to me, it was humanizing and served to remind me that while this is fiction, what takes place is couched in reality, where things are broken and messy and confusing.

Things shift back to Pezzini and her partners piecing togther the evidence surrounding the rabbi’s murder. Unfortunately, the body count is only going to start rising, as one of the Jewish youth are found dead—murdered in the same fashion as the rabbi. It all leads up to the book’s closing pages where the reader is introduced to a new and terrifying creature. READ MORE.

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