Monday, December 01, 2008

Girls Entertainment Network talks to JINGLE BELLE writer Paul Dini

I’m really honored to get the chance to talk with you, Paul! Thanks for taking the time. I’m a big fan of yours. But on to the questions! First let’s talk about your creation, Dinicartoons, which you’re bringing to Top Cow. What exactly is Dinicartoons, and how did it get started? What made you decide to incorporate it into the Top Cow line-up?

Paul Dini: Hey, Stephanie—wow, two Stephanies! How often does that happen? Nice to talk to you, too.
I had a really good experience with Top Cow on MADAME MIRAGE and we both agreed it would be fun to work on other projects together. Dinicartoons is the overall title for a new line of books that, like MIRAGE, are original creations of mine. Some of the characters come from other books I’ve published elsewhere, like JINGLE BELLE or MUTANT, TEXAS; others are brand-new creations. READ MORE.

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