Monday, December 08, 2008

Phil Hester on Darkness: Lodbrok's Hand

Last week, we brought you your first look at Darkness: Lodbrok’s Hand, a stand alone Darkness special coming from Top Cow by regular Darkness writer Phil Hester and drawn by Mike Oeming. Set in an age “lost to history,” the story tells of Vikings and magic – and the Darkness that comes to do your bidding, but exacts a terrible price.

We spoke with Hester about the one shot and where he sees it in relation to the rest of the Darkness story he’s telling.

Newsarama: First off Phil – what got Lodbrok’s Hand rolling? You’re writing Darkness, of course, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen a special set in the past...

Phil Hester: It actually came from a chance meeting at last year's NY Comic Con. I ran into Mike who let me know he had a little window of availability in his schedule. Top Cow okayed us for a one-shot the very same day, so I asked Mike exactly what kind of stuff he wanted to draw and I made the story fit his savage proclivities.

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