Monday, December 08, 2008

Pop Culture Zoo talks to Filip Sablik further about $2.99 in 2009

Earlier this week Top Cow Productions issued a press release stating their commitment to keep the cover prices on their regular sized comic books at $2.99 through the entirety of 2009. This prompted a lot of questions in our minds. Fortunately Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik was willing to answer them.

PCZ: Why was it important to you to stay at $2.99 and make that commitment for a whole year?

FS: Rising prices are a concern we kept hearing from retailers and fans alike. At Top Cow, we’re looking to grow our fanbase and business with our direct market partners, so raising prices in an economic recession seems like the counterintuitive way to do that. And a year seemed like a good way to let everyone know we were serious about this commitment.

PCZ: Why not fall in line with everyone else or do a smaller increase to, say, $3.50?

FS: An increase is an increase. And honestly a press release reading “Top Cow Doesn’t Turn the Screws as Bad as the Other Guys” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. READ MORE.

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