Monday, January 26, 2009

Filip Sablik posts a new Blog @Newsarama

Here at Top Cow, we don’t publish a lot of straight up superhero comics. Most of the stuff we do is rooted more in other genres like horror, supernatural, sci-fi, espionage, and so on. Even the superhero style projects we do like Wanted or Twilight Guardian tend to be a bit left (or right) of center. I (like almost all fanboys) grew up on a steady diet of superhero comics. My first love was The Uncanny X-Men during the Chris Claremont/Marc Silvestri/Jim Lee era. Years later, the 14-year-old part of me still can’t believe I’m working for one of the guys who initially got me excited about the art form. Thanks to George Perez and Marv Wolfman, I will always have a soft spot for The Teen Titans. But at some point in college I realized that my favorite superhero is Superman.


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