Friday, January 16, 2009

Troy Hickman begins his column on Blog@Newsarama

"So when it came time to write my first blog piece for Newsarama, I asked myself what I could bring to the table that was uniquely my own. Could it be the perspective of a bearded, overweight comics fan? Wow, that’s like carrying coals to Newcastle, or trying to sell Lemmy Kilmister on the benefits of facial wens. Perhaps I could talk about what it’s like to walk into a convention with a pro badge, and proudly notice everyone I pass eyeing it, right before they murmur “who the @#$% is Troy Hickman?” Nah, a column on that would serve only to make me long for the sweet release that oblivion will bring. I guess the obvious choice would be to use it to hype my upcoming Twilight Guardian mini-series, but hey, if I spent a lot of time trying to convince strangers to embrace something of mine, it’d be like dating again."


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