Monday, January 12, 2009

William Harms talks to Fangoria about IMPALER

Top Cow Productions recently released IMPALER’s inaugural issue of its second volume (see review here), coming quickly after their publication of the first volume’s trade paperback. Fango got a chance to chat with creator/writer William Harms, who recalled the comic’s creation and revealed where it’s going next.

impalercomicnewsIMPALER revolves mainly around Vlad and Vic—the former being a 400-plus-year-old holy knight with the supernatural capabilities to fight and defeat a vampire plague, and the latter a depressed retiring New York cop whose wife has recently passed on. The two are brought together when the horde of bloodsuckers Vlad has been battling for centuries make their way to New York and devastate the city. One of the more refreshing takes on vampire lore in recent memory, IMPALER is full of great ideas, engaging characters and an army of undead that are effectively scary.

“One of the first decisions I made when I started work on IMPALER,” Harms tells us, “was that I didn’t want to follow the traditional rules of how vampires are killed. So crosses, wooden stakes, holy water—they were all out. I also wanted to make Vlad something special, the ultimate vampire hunter, so the fact that he can always kill them, no matter their state, really helps the story dramatically.” READ MORE.

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