Monday, March 16, 2009

ComicNews reviews Witchblade #125

When you get asked to write a review for a story like Witchblade you get excited, but when you get asked to write a review for the #125 milestone issue you can’t possibly express how you feel. I say that because being able to write this review is tremendous for me, Witchblade is one of Top Cow’s main titles and one of its longest lasting titles as well. Witchblade has always been an interesting concept and it has truly stood the test of time. I got the e-mail about writing this review and within five minutes of getting it I was reading the issue, and preparing my thoughts for the review directly after. Not an hour after receiving the initial email I am writing a review for Witchblade. If that can’t explain how excited I was to do this, than I don’t know what can.


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