Monday, March 23, 2009

War of the Witchblades: A New Look

Being asked to put together a new take on an existing idea is sort of like being asked to sleep with your best friend's wife. You simply don't do it. Especially not if the existing idea is working for you and doesn't require any, pardon the pun, screwing with.

That being said, you can imagine there was some hesitation on my part when I was approached by Top Cow Publisher and my secret admirer, Filip Sablik, to redesign the Witchblade logo for the six-issue story arc "War of the Witchblades." The idea was simple enough, we wanted to create a limited, new look for this arc, something that would let everyone know that this was one of the most important and consequential stories ever told in the pages of “Witchblade.” The redesign would include the Witchblade logo itself, as well as the cover design, and all of it was meant to work together to let the fans know this wasn't going to be just a simple girl fight between current bearers Sara and Dani -- no, this was going to be an all out war.


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