Friday, April 10, 2009

Controlling the Darkness Talking About Top Cow's The Darkness Writer Phil Hester

Welcome to the latest edition of Controlling the Darkness with Phil Hester where we talk about all things Dakness. This issue had Jackie doing something that he regretted the second it happened and really pushed him toward being fed up with the sovereign. We also meet a mysterious new character who may or may not know more about the Darkness than Jackie himself.

Eric: So, Phil I guess we'll start off with the hardest hit of the issue, Jackie Estecado was just forced to kill a child. We see it hit heavy in the art and emotionally in the story. How hard was this to write?

Phil: I thought for a long time about whether or not to include that scene, especially that particular shot, but we really needed something that would credibly push Jackie into full rebellion against The Sovereign. I think being forced to murder a child, even one who is a war criminal and reincarnated murderer, would be enough to send anyone over the edge. Let's face it- a lot of horrible stuff happens in The Darkness and we needed something a little more horrible than the norm to jolt the readers.


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