Monday, May 04, 2009

CC2K reviews Witchblade #126

As I’m reading part two of Top Cow’s (hope to be) epic Witchblade tale: "War of the Witchblades", all I keep thinking is what it must feel like to be Ron Marz. I assume that being Ron Marz is like knowing you are your parent’s favorite child. Granted, Marz has proven himself these past few years with Witchblade, still, I feel that Top Cow thinks Marz can do no wrong. For those of you asking, “what are you talking about?” Ron Marz has taken the original Witchblade heir Sara Pezzini, and turned her from a likable hard working cop into to a total @$$hole. Even though, there is a reason for her newly established bitchy character trait. It’s still a ballsy move that could shake up and upset many Witchblade fans.


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