Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review: Trinity- Witchblade / Darkness / Angelus: Blood of Sands #1

Trinity- Witchblade / Darkness / Angelus: Blood of Sands #1 begins by introducing us to three incredibly powerful talismans, each one tied to another, and each tied to a different theme. The one reader will be most familiar with is that of the Witchblade, a weapon with incredible powers that separates in to two versions: one which can be used to heal and defend, and the other with a darker side, almost hell bent on destruction. The other two weapons featured are the Darkness and the Angelus, which seem to some extent to be potentially more powerful then the Witchblade itself. This seems quite plausible if one is to believe the canon, or history of the Witchblade: having been birthed (or possibly forged) by both the Darkness and the Angelus. Although this story focuses mainly on some of the history of the weapons, I hope this will translate for the readers into seeing more of these origin tales further along in the Witchblade series.


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