Wednesday, July 15, 2009

50 Issues Down: Ron Marz on His Witchblade Run to Date

In today’s market, you can count he number of creators that stay on a series longer than a year on one hand. While some of feat is being achieved on some of the industry’s bigger books, there’s a creator who’s been quietly plugging away on a series that doesn’t always get the lion’s share of attention. We’re talking, of course, about Ron Marz on Witchblade.

Marz has said all along that he’s committed to the Top Cow series through at least issue #150 – and that’s saying something, given that the writer began on the tale of Sara Pezzini and her gauntlet with issue #80.

He’s hit the 50 issue mark, and we caught up with him to talk about it.

Newsarama: Ron, first off, congratulations on finishing the writing for 50 consecutive full issues of Witchblade. Not many comic book writers are allowed or able to accomplish such an extensive run on a single title nowadays. Did you sign on to writing Witchblade thinking that you’d still be working on the series today?


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