Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Francis Tsai Talks About "Tracker" Art Process

Jonathan Lincoln and Francis Tsai are taking the werewolf mythology for a spin in "Tracker," the upcoming miniseries from Top Cow Productions and Heroes and Villains Entertainment. "Tracker" tells the story of Alex O'Roark, a federal agent with an expertise in tracking down his targets – but after contracting the werewolf-inducing lycanthropy disease, Alex is forced to hunt the monster that infected him before his clock runs out.

Tsai, a freelance illustrator with roots in architecture and the video game industry, is the artist on "Tracker." In addition to his work on a variety of games, including "The Bourne Conspiracy" and "Darkwatch," Tsai has also written a number of how-to-draw art books, and illustrated other comic book projects as well. Despite having worked for Marvel Comics in the past, "Tracker" might be the title that takes Tsai to the next level, thanks to the book' reimagining of the werewolf mythology.

CBR News spoke with Tsai about his experiences as a freelance illustrator, his process on "Tracker" and his thoughts on the current state of the comic book industry.


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