Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SciFi Pulse Interviews Randy Queen on Darkchylde/Darkness Crossover

Currently, Randy Queen is spreading the word about the upcoming Darkchylde/Darkness crossover titled The Darkness/ Darkchylde: Kingdom Pain; which, in addition to containing new Darkchylde material, will also have nine preview pages for Starfall. Set to come out in December, this one-shot is the ideal gift for any fans of Ariel Darkchylde.

Nicholas Yanes: The big news and topic of this interview is The Darkness/ Darkchylde: Kingdom Pain. Can you share with us how this project came about? Did you approach Top Cow, or were you approached first?

Randy Queen: It was brought up during Starfall talks that because it’s such a huge project, it might be nice to reintroduce fans to my work with something smaller in the interim. So that’s how it began. And I saw it as an opportunity to make some important things happen, with Jackie being responsible for bringing Ariel back, and with him getting a new costume in the process. Suddenly it became more interesting beyond just my drawing Darkchylde again.


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