Friday, November 20, 2009

Comic Attack Reviews Witchblade #132

“The Bridge pt 1″: So after almost killing one of her closest friends, becoming possessed by the dark half of the Witchblade, and then finally becoming whole again, it’s time for Sara Pezzini to wind down a bit and fix a few things. And what better place to start than with her relationship with boyfriend and police partner, Patrick Gleason. While possessed, she said some things to him about their relationship that basically kicked him in the nuts, and now that she’s more herself it’s time to salvage what she can with the man she loves.

This is a Witchblade title, so you know things can’t stay normal for too long. While vacationing in Vermont, Sara and Patrick end up helping a local sheriff with a missing children’s case. However, there are things about the case that don’t sit right with Sara, so she and Gleason come back to the scene of the crimes later that night. Things take a turn for the worse as the two begin to cross a particular bridge in the park, and Gleason disappears when they split up.


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