Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lance Briggs can't wait for Darkness single issues

1 Bears linebacker and comic book fan Lance Briggs buys more single issues than trade paperbacks. Even die-hards wait for the paperbacks, which often collect a number of issues based around a certain story line in a handy, cheaper package. But you do have to wait, and Briggs can't wait.

2 He knows his stuff, who guest-starred where, which mutant is feuding with which sorcerer. ("I get behind," he said, "but I like getting behind because the nice thing is having someone say, 'You have to read this,' and I do and I get hooked again.")

3 His favorites are not trendy within comic-book circles or well-known to noncomic-book fans -- "The Darkness," "Pitt," for example.

4 He's a continuity freak -- he prefers comics that retain consistent plot threads over a series of years and throughout a variety of crossover titles. That's a point of dispute among aficionados, some of whom think it leaves comics inaccessible to newcomers.

5 He started a social-networking site dedicated to serious comic-book discussion:


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