Thursday, November 19, 2009

Marc Silvestri Discusses Witchblade with Newsarama

If there's one comic book property that has been most associated with Top Cow publishing since its origins, that comic is Witchblade.

Based on the wielder of an ancient weapon with supernatural beginnings, Witchblade was launched by Image founder Marc Silvestri in 1995, with writers Brian Haberlin and Christina Z and artist Michael Turner. Since then, the character has gone through a lot of changes and the comic has seen several spin-off titles and crossovers. There was a TV show several years ago, and an upcoming feature film is expected next year from producer Michael Rymer of Battlestar Galactica fame.

In the first part of a series looking at the Witchblade and Angelus characters at Top Cow, we talked to Marc Silvestri about how Sara and the Witchblade character has evolved over the years, and what comes next as we head into 2010.

Newsarama: Marc, just to start out, why all the attention on Witchblade recently? Are there big plans coming for the character?

Marc Silvestri: We've been talking internally about where we want to go with her, which you're not getting out of me, by the way. [laughs] We have some really cool ideas for Sara and the whole Witchblade mythology. We're planning some big event stuff for next year.

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