Thursday, November 19, 2009

Multiversity Comics Reviews Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #3

I have never read Cyberforce before. I have never read Hunter-Killer before. These are very important to how I view this crossover event, I believe. That being said, I am now both a fan of Cyberforce and a fan of Hunter-Killer. I only really started looking into this title due to our budding relationship with Top Cow, but I can easily say that this was an absolutely great find.

The first thing I noticed about the book was the writer - Mark Waid. I'm a 100% fan of this guy and will not hesitate to read anything I see his name on. It just goes to show you the true talents of a writer when he can take characters that I have no memory of and have not ever read before and make them 100% intriguing to me. Right off the bat I immediately loved the "leader" of Hunter-Killer, Ellis, and thought everything he did was brilliant. I love the way that the two teams meet up and fight in order to showcase all of their different abilities. And despite never having read either title before, I absolutely love all the twists and turns being taken on the book. It feels as if I've known these characters forever and I've managed to grow to love them in such a short time. That's all due to the superb writings of Waid which make this crossover event a surefire hit and definitive gateway for new fans to join the books.

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Final Verdict: Buy


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