Friday, November 06, 2009

Newsarama Looks At The Process of Top Cow's TRACKER

Conceiving a world is no easy task -- but imagine bringing that world to life.

Add in a new take to the werewolf mythology, and there are few people more qualified than artist Francis Tsai, who is working on Top Cow and Heroes and Villains Entertainment's upcoming series, Tracker, which follows an FBI agent after he is infected with lycanthropy.

How does one take that sort of vision, and distill it onto the page? Tsai sat down with Newsarama to discuss his influences, his process, and his thoughts on his circituous becoming a comics artist.

Newsarama: Francis, for those who don't know about your background, could you tell us of your experience with architecture and design art? How does that impact your take on Tracker?

Francis Tsai: Well, my formal education is in architecture. Actually, I have an undergraduate degree in physical chemistry, but I rarely use that education these days. I received a masters degree from the University of Texas School of Architecture, and worked in Austin and San Diego for a few years before switching to video game design. There was fortunately quite an overlap between architecture and video game design, mainly in terms of design process. In both cases you’re looking at a set of conditions and figuring out a specific problem to solve. In video games of course you also work on characters and props, whereas in architecture it’s pretty much entirely environmental design.


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